Twitter Begins Active Reinstatement of Previously Banned Accounts

Twitter Begins Active Reinstatement of Previously Banned Accounts

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Twitter has begun actively reinstating previously banned accounts. In the future, the company will apply a permanent ban only in the most extreme cases and increasingly will use more lenient penalties.

Twitter announced that it has begun an active recovery of previously banned accounts. Starting February 1, anyone can appeal an account suspension and be evaluated under the platform's new reinstatement criteria. This will allow many users to recover accounts that were unfairly suspended or where punishment was too severe, given the violations made.

The release of the files by Twitter revealed that the platform repeatedly suspended accounts that did not in fact violate the platform's policy. For example, the @GuySquiggs account was one of those that was banned for no good reason by the old Twitter management as part of “purges” related to the Hunter Biden laptop case. To date, the account has been fully restored.

Twitter emphasized that it does not reinstate accounts that engaged in “illegal activity, threats of harm or violence, large-scale spam and platform manipulation, or when there was no recent appeal to have the account reinstated.”

The platform said that it will take less strict measures going forward in various instances. For example, Twitter will restrict the reach of policy-violating Tweets or ask a user to remove Tweets before they can continue using their account. Account suspension will only be issued for serious violations, or ongoing, repeated violations of platform policies. Severe violations include but are not limited to: engaging in illegal content or activity, inciting or threatening violence or harm, privacy violations, platform manipulation or spam, and engaging in targeted harassment of platform users.

In addition, Twitter continues to work on launching features that transparently detect when the platform has taken enforcement action on Tweets and accounts. Their deployment should begin this month.

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