1,300 Tesla Model Ys Have Arrived in Norway

1,300 Tesla Model Ys Have Arrived in Norway

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A huge shipment of Model Y has arrived in Norway. 1,300 Giga Shanghai-made electric SUVs will soon be delivered to their owners.

Due to delays in the approval process for the construction of Tesla's Giga Berlin, the factory has not yet been commissioned. This led to customers who could not get their Model Ys. However, to partially fulfill the orders of European customers, Giga Shanghai produced thousands of electric SUVs for Europe. To deliver Model Y and Model 3, the company dispatched three cargo ships from China.

So far, two of the three have already reached the shores of Europe and docked at ports in several countries to deliver the long-awaited vehicles to consumers. Vessel Helios Ray with the first Model Ys for the European market arrived at the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium on August 15, later it headed to Emden, Germany, and now it is in Bremerhaven, Germany. According to Tesla ship tracker @mortenlund89/Twitter, a number of Model Ys were unloaded in Zeebrugge to be transported to Norway in another vessel.

Glovis Supreme arrived at the port of Zeebrugge, into which the Model Y from Helios Rayl is supposed to have been loaded. After this, according to @mortenlund89, there were 1,300 Model Ys aboard the Glovis Supreme, which was delivered to Norway on August 20. The first shipment has arrived at the port of Oslo and over a thousand happy customers will soon take delivery of the long-awaited Model Y.

Model Y is confidently claiming to be a bestseller once Tesla is able to provide them in the same volume as Model 3. Norway will surely become one of the most important markets for the crossover SUV in Europe. Since this type is more convenient for Norwegian roads, and its cost is much lower than that of Model X, it will be highly popular there.

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