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Tesla Individual Driver Preference Setting Could Be Available In The Future OTA Update

Tesla Individual Driver Preference Setting Could Be Available In The Future OTA Update

Automatic adjustment of seats, mirrors and cabin air temperature is a very useful feature. That is why Tesla is constantly working on improving it.

After purchasing Tesla, when you first adjust the driver’s seat, steering wheel, or driver’s side mirror, the touchscreen prompts you to create a driver profile to save these adjustments. Also, in your profile you can save some settings that you specify using the "Control" window on the touch screen.

But, very often one car is bought for family, which implies that it will be driven by several different people. Each person has a different build and preference for comfort.

Tesla took care of this by creating the ability to configure multiple profiles. By clicking on Add New Driver, Tesla users can create additional driver profiles and configure them according to their preferences.

In addition to the standard functions for adjusting the position of the seat, steering wheel, side mirrors and air temperature, Tesla cars have an Easy Entry function. Thanks to this function, the seat and steering wheel move to a position that allows the driver to easily sit or get out of the car.

In order for the driver profile to be restored, you need to touch the driver profile icon in the status bar of the touch screen, select the driver, and your car will be configured based on the settings that were saved in the selected driver profile.

But, perfection has no limits, so Tesla is working on how to make the use of their cars even more comfortable.

Today, a Twitter user, HobGrovelin, asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk about whether it is possible to configure seat, mirrors and temperature control adjust automatically using driver profiles on phones when connecting Bluetooth. To which Musk immediately replied, "Coming soon."

This answer confirms that the Tesla team is working on this issue and will realize this opportunity for all drivers of their cars in the near future.

This means that your car, connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, will automatically set all the settings for your comfortable ride. Musk didn't specify the exact date, but there is a chance that we will see this function in a new software update.

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