Tesla Model S/3/X In The Top 4 Of Belgium's Best-Selling EVs In March 2020

Tesla Model S/3/X In The Top 4 Of Belgium's Best-Selling EVs In March 2020

Tesla Model 3 became Belgium's best-selling EV in March, accounting for 23% of all plug-in car sales in the country. And Model X and Model S placed in the EVs top 4 in March.

Despite the blockage associated with COVID-19, which led to a sharp drop in the overall market by 48%, the registration of plug-ins in Belgium last month remained positive. In March, 2,480 plugins were registered, up an impressive 39% YoY, keeping the YTD numbers at a 91% growth rate.

Thanks to the March result of 8.6%, the share of PEV in 2020 remains at 6.3%, which is almost two times higher than their share of 3.2% last year.

March for Tesla in Belgium was pretty impressive. According to EV-Sales, all three Tesla's cars entered the top 4. 576 Model 3 were sold, which allowed it to take first place. Tesla also managed to sell 123 Model X and 99 Model S, which took 3rd and 4th places, respectively. Volvo XC40 PHEV took second place in the ranking, with 151 cars sold.

1 Tesla Model 3 576
2 Volvo XC40 PHEV 151
3 Tesla Model X 123
4 Tesla Model S 99


Tesla Model 3 broke away from its closest rival Volvo XC40 PHEV by 453 units, which is a very impressive difference.

Even more impressive is the sales result of the Tesla Model X and S, which were placed in the top 4 in March and in the top 20 for the first three months of 2020, taking 16th and 17th places respectively.

Source: EV-Sales

As you can see, in the top 20 there are only 6 BEVs, 3 of which belong to Tesla. This suggests that despite the wide variety of electric vehicles, consumers primarily pay attention to the quality product that the American automaker produces.

After one year, when Tesla completes the construction of its Giga Berlin, the monthly sales reports in Europe will impress everyone even more.

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