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Bill Ackman Joins The Battle For Elon Musk's Next Tesla Location

Bill Ackman Joins The Battle For Elon Musk's Next Tesla Location

Bill Ackman, a billionaire activist, tweeted today to Tesla CEO Elon Musk on behalf of Pershing Square investment Howard Hughes Corp. 

The Howard Hughes Corporation is a major real estate development and management company based in Dallas, Texas. Ackman posted a short video explaining how Howard Hughes owns master-planned cities that Tesla could use for a new headquarters.

".@elonmusk Inspired by our namesake Howard Hughes, visionary American annotner, we propose a few alternatives for your Nevada or Texas move. @HowardHughesCo owns master planned cities where we can create @Tesla new HQ. Please watch this 2 minute video"

HHC + Tesla from HHC Studio on Vimeo.

Earlier this month, Musk wrote that he would remove Tesla's headquarters from California and transfer it to Texas or Nevada due to the fact that Alameda County, in contrary to the order of the governor of California, forbade Tesla to gradually resume operation of the Fremont factory. At the moment, the conflict between the automaker and the county is settled, and starting on Friday, May 22, its Fremont factory and Giga Nevada are returning to normal operations.

Howard Hughes is one of Ackman’s seven largest stock holdings. As of the end of March, Pershing held nearly 12.2 million shares of the company valued at more than $616 million.

Previously, Ackman praised Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk during the launch of The Knowledge Project's podcast. "I admire people like Elon Musk, I admire people who take on unbelievable challenges and succeed," he said. "He's someone I have enormous respect for."

"The notion of building a car company to compete with the big car companies is something that on its own is fairly remarkable," Ackman continued.

He also noted that running an automobile company and a company that launches rockets into space at the same time impresses him and is remarkable. "If you do that a time when you're building a company to launch rockets into space I think it's even more remarkable," said Ackman.

Featured image: HHC Studio/Vimeo

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