Bitcoin Payments Now Available in 30 Countries through OpenNode & Primer Collaboration

Bitcoin Payments Now Available in 30 Countries through OpenNode & Primer Collaboration

The global payment infrastructure automation platform, Primer, now allows one-click payment for Bitcoin. The platform has partnered with OpenNode, a leading Bitcoin payment infrastructure company, to bring this capability to the world. Primer currently operates in 30 countries with a wide range of supported payment features and OpenNode services in 126 countries.

OpenNode, an industry-leading Bitcoin payment processor and infrastructure provider, announces a new partnership with Primer, which will empower merchants around the world to accept Bitcoin as payment for products and services. Primer, the world's first automation platform for commerce and payments operating globally, offers easy-to-use infrastructure for building better buying experiences. Through the partnership, merchants using Primer can now use an easy 1-click connection to add Bitcoin payment acceptance to their checkout experiences.

Josh Held, Head of Strategy at OpenNode, said, “OpenNode and Primer share the mission of reinventing payments and providing unmatched value to merchants and businesses everywhere. OpenNode has believed in the promise of Bitcoin and Lightning-powered payments for a long time, and demand is now growing exponentially. Our partnership with Primer will enable diverse businesses, from large multinationals to sole proprietors, to integrate bitcoin payments for their customers.”

Bitcoin is the world's first and most widely adopted digital currency. By adding Bitcoin payment acceptance to its platform, Primer offers its merchants a secure and simple way to expand their checkout options and opportunities.

Gabriel Le Roux, Co-Founder at Primer, said, “We’re thrilled about partnering with OpenNode. For the first time, merchants across the globe have the opportunity to accept Bitcoin payments at checkout—with just a few clicks, not code. Primer and OpenNode are passionate about making Bitcoin an easily accessible payment option for merchants, through the best-in-class checkout experience available on the market.”

In the Lightning Network’s growing ecosystem, hundreds of thousands of transactions can be processed per second at a very low cost. Payment benefits include instant and final settlement, zero fraud, zero chargebacks, and the security of Bitcoin’s base chain.

OpenNode is focused on building accessible, reliable Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments infrastructure that will help catalyze Bitcoin’s global adoption. OpenNode is ready to onboard every business, platform, and person looking for secure, instantly settled payments that operate globally, 24/7.

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