Boring Company Tunnel LVCC Tesla Drives

by K10 on twitter (@Kristennetten) May 28, 2021

Boring Company Tunnel LVCC Tesla Drives

Tuesday, May 25th, The Boring Company Las Vegas Convention Center Tunnel project held a test run with volunteer passengers. Volunteers lined up early to get a chance to ride in the new passenger Tesla shuttle station.   

The tunnels will be open for the general public and passengers this summer starting with ‘The World of Concrete’ event June 8th-10th. 

Sixty two Tesla cars, with drivers, will be used to Taxi people through the LVCC Loop and connecting tunnels, as well as to multiple casinos in the near future when the full Vegas Loop is finished.  There are three stations in the LVCC Loop. The South Station, Central Station, and the West Station, that anyone can select from. 

 5050 people per hour are expected to be shuttled for the Convention Center (LVCC). 55,000 pph for the full Vegas Loop are expected to be shuttled through the tunnels to cut down on traffic and speed up transit between destinations. 🖤

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