Fallout-Themed The Boring Company's Tunnel Party Update

Fallout-Themed The Boring Company's Tunnel Party Update

In a reply to a twitter user, Elon Musk, Founder of The Boring Company, tweeted that a Fallout-themed Party is still going to happen.  

The Fallout-themed tweeting began back on September 15th, 2020 when Elon Musk tweeted out a Fallout Vegas Game picture below his tweet remarking on a Vegas Boring Tunnel Project nearing completion. 

The following day after the above tweet, Elon tweeted a link to “🖤 Fallout Radio 🖤”, and then the idea to have a Fallout-themed styled Boring Tunnel Party was suggested and Elon replied. 

Within the hour of remarking, “Great Idea!”, to a Fallout themed Boring Tunnel Party, Elon announced that the game ‘Fallout Shelter’, was now available in the Teslas to play. 


An update on the themed party was given January 2021, roughly following a tweet featuring a picture of Elon Musk and his sons in the Boring Company Las Vegas Convention Center Loop, LVCC, tunnel: 

“Fallout-themed opening party for Vegas Loop happening as soon as allowed!” — Elon Musk 

The Tesla Fallout Shelter game is a spin off the Fallout Shelter game series that began back in 1997. The game is a post-apocalyptic setting. The setting is mid 22nd century after a global winter from nuclear war.

The game ‘Fallout Shelter’, came out roughly two decades later in 2015, a kind of extra rendition to the original Fallout game theme. Tesla added a Fallout Shelter version to the entertainment games given to their customers who own Teslas.

The first time Elon tweeted about the game ‘Fallout’ was back in 2012, most likely a favorite game of his for well over a decade. 

So what would a “Fallout-themed Party” look like? It most likely would have Hajime Sorayama hologram robots and people dressed as minutemen as well as people dressed as Tesla AI robots here and there. The setting would feel like a literal fallout shelter. There would be half-life ideas that run along with the theme of surviving underground from a nuclear fallout. Rooms that look like the inside of a Starship outfitted for humans. Possibly a bar called “The Vault” serving drinks with names such as Madmax, Antithesis, Apocalypse, and Radio Active. Snacks such as mushrooms or food like rationed named appetizers. 
Cybertruck rides possibly happening and simulation rides in VR games for Mars, as well as mock Tesla AI Robots on display with full specs. 

In an ironic twist to all this, Elon is building the theme to ‘Fallout’ with his Tesla AI Robots, Boring Company Tunnels, and SpaceX Rockets. 

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