Cunard Cruise Line Rolls Out High-Speed SpaceX Starlink Wi-Fi Service Across Fleet

Cunard Cruise Line Rolls Out High-Speed SpaceX Starlink Wi-Fi Service Across Fleet

Cunard, the iconic British cruise line, has unveiled plans to enhance the onboard experience for its guests by introducing SpaceX's Starlink satellite internet service across its fleet. The move is set to revolutionize connectivity for passengers and crew members alike, providing faster and more reliable Wi-Fi access at sea.

Starlink, renowned for its cutting-edge Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology, will bring greater internet capacity to Cunard ships. This expansion aims to enable passengers to seamlessly share photos and videos, stream movies, and access other online content during their voyages. The implementation of Starlink began in June 2023, with Cunard's three Queen cruise ships —Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth—all set to offer the service in both public areas and staterooms by the close of 2023. Furthermore, the cruise line's newest addition, the Queen Anne, will debut with Starlink connectivity when it launches in May 2024. 

“High-speed internet is critical to our modern lifestyle both at home and when traveling. We're excited that Cunard guests and crew will benefit from an improved Wi-Fi service on board wherever they are in the world,” said SpaceX Starlink vice president of commercial sales Jonathan Hofeller.

Cunard President Katie McAlister expressed the importance of staying connected while enjoying a cruise vacation, stating: “Sharing unforgettable moments with friends and family back at home is an important part of any holiday. Whether it's uploading a picture of a sunset as you sail away from a newly discovered destination or catching up with the news, live events, or content from home, Starlink will make it even easier for our guests and colleagues to stay connected,” they said on September 18. 

With the introduction of Starlink's satellite technology, Cunard aims to enhance the overall cruise experience for its passengers, ensuring they can stay connected and share their unforgettable moments with friends and family while traversing the world's seas. This investment in cutting-edge SpaceX Starlink satellite technology reaffirms Cunard's commitment to providing exceptional service and amenities to its discerning travelers. 

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