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Starlink Is Now Available In The Caribbean After Dominican Republic President's Visit To SpaceX Headquarters

by Evelyn Janeidy Arevalo July 28, 2022

Starlink Is Now Available In The Caribbean After Dominican Republic President's Visit To SpaceX Headquarters

On Thursday, July 28, SpaceX announced that Starlink is now available in the Dominican Republic. "Excited to expand access to high-speed broadband internet in the Caribbean," said the company via Twitter. The announcement comes soon after Dominican Republic’s President Luis Abinader visited the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles, California, in June, as part of the presidential agenda for the 9th Summit of the Americas. During the visit, President Abinader met with the Vice President of Starlink Operations Samuel Gibbs IV. "We visited the facilities of Starlink, who submitted an application to offer Internet services in the Dominican Republic. Once approved, we will be the first country in the Caribbean and the third in Latin America to have broadband, low latency, global coverage at low cost," said President Abinader in Spanish language [statement was translated in English]. The President has the opportunity to tour the rocket facility and discuss technical aspects of the Starlink network. The country rapidly approved Starlink a month later after his visit.

As of today, the Starlink satellite internet service is available across 37 countries, including: the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Chile, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic,  Sweden, Mexico, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, France, Latvia, Tonga, Hungary, Ukraine, Georgia, Luxembourg, Saint Martin, and St. Barthelemy. To date, SpaceX has launched around 2,900 Starlink satellites that operate in Low Earth Orbit that provide Internet to over 500,000 subscribers globally. The company also provides mobile internet service to vehicles, like cruise ships, airplanes, and RVs. Visit Starlink.com for more information.



Featured Image Source: Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader via Twitter

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