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Elon Musk Says He'll be at Giga Berlin's Foundation-Laying Event


Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that he would be present at the Giga Berlin site when the upcoming facility’s foundation stone is laid. This is quite exciting for the electric car maker’s supporters in the region, many of whom have been proactively backing Tesla. 

Tesla enthusiast @justpaulinelol inquired if Elon Musk would be coming over to Germany for Giga Berlin’s foundation-laying event via Twitter. Musk’s response was very brief but crystal clear. Tesla's CEO will attend the upcoming ceremony, just like he attended Giga Shanghai’s ground-breaking event in January 2019. 

Tesla may only be starting the expansion of its operations to other regions, but Musk has already started emphasizing that he will be present whenever milestones are met at each offshore site.

As Giga Shanghai was being constructed, for example, Musk paid visits to the location. He was also present when Tesla China started local MIC Model 3 deliveries to customers, gracing the event with lighthearted humor and a now meme-worthy dance. 

With this in mind, it would not be surprising if Musk takes the time to attend Giga Berlin’s ground-breaking or foundation-laying event. Giga Berlin, after all, is just as crucial to Tesla’s operations in Europe and neighboring regions as Giga Shanghai is to China and nearby Asian territories. Just as Giga Shanghai is key to the lucrative Chinese market, Giga Berlin has the potential to be Tesla’s key into the experienced German auto industry. 

It might be interesting to note that Tesla has been competing against Germany’s best carmakers over the past years. And much to the surprise of many, it has actually been winning.

The Model S has made a strong impact against Germany’s best full-size luxury sedans, and the Model 3 is causing its own disruption in the midsize sedan segment. With Germany’s experienced workforce as an ally, Tesla has the potential to be even more formidable. 

For now, though, Giga Berlin is still being prepared for its eventual ground-breaking and foundation-laying event. Bomb-clearing activities are still underway, and the company is also racing against the clock to have the first tree removal phase completed by February 27 due to the bird breeding season that starts in early March. Tesla, for its part, has stated that it will be planting three times as many trees that will be removed for the construction of Giga Berlin. 

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