Elon Musk Rides The CyberTruck After Filming Jay Leno’s Garage [Video]

Elon Musk Rides The CyberTruck After Filming Jay Leno’s Garage [Video]

Jay Leno is one of Hollywood's most distinguished guys. He is a huge Tesla fan, he currently owns a Model S. He believes that electric cars are the future and the days of gas powered cars are numbered. “I have a Tesla. I’ve had it for three years. I’ve never done anything. There’s no fluids to change. There’s nothing,” said Leno.

Earlier this week, Tesmanian reported that Model Y might appear on his show. The owner of the Tesla Model 3, Michael Hughes, managed to communicate with the driver Model Y, whom he met. He said that the car should take part in the Jay Leno’s Garage.

Model Y was not spotted on the set last night; instead, CyberTruck was near SpaceX headquarters. The fantastic stainless steel pickup truck appeared in all its glory in front of the cameras.


Made in the origami style, steel handsome attracts special attention. Even Elon Musk himself admires his creation, while the crew is busy preparing equipment

Source: The Tesladorian / Twitter

Following the filming for the show, CyberTruck was spotted again. A few hours ago, an Instagram user, gorgeouserika, uploaded a video in which we can clearly see Elon Musk rides the CyberTruck. Yes, you read it right, Elon was sitting in the passenger seat, while CyberTruck  was driving along the road.


Although, to clarify the situation, it should be noted that Leno drove the car😄.

CyberTruck is ahead of his time, so It will be incredibly popular. Not a single car in the modern market has such characteristics. Many people note the fact that Tesla CyberTruck won their hearts and mind.

Jay Leno’s garage will boost the awareness of the CyberTruck, from the already epic demand. The car is incredibly popular. Leno says "I like cars that are ahead of their times."

People love CyberTruck for various reasons:

CyberTruck is an absolutely unique car, which has a great advantage, it is one of the most striking products on the automotive market today, at a surprisingly reasonable price.

It has excellent characteristics and is an ideal vehicle for both people who drive on the off-road and for urban residents. CybertTuck is not a classic pickup truck that uses a huge amount of fuel to push it along the road, while throwing tons of CO2 into the air. CyberTruck is a perfectly thought-out car with high power & excellent aerodynamic characteristics that doesn't pollute the environment.

Order your Tesla CyberTruck today with only $100 deposit!

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