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Tesmanian Exclusive Interview Part Three: Tesla Bulls Discuss Life on Mars

Tesmanian Exclusive Interview Part Three: Tesla Bulls Discuss Life on Mars

Welcome come back to the Tesmanian exclusive with Ross Gerber, the CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management, Sofiaan Fraval from the Third Row Podcast, and Galileo Russell from HyperChange. In the first two parts of this interview, we tackled the Tesla Bulls answers for questions #1 to #5. As a recap, below are all the questions: 

  1. When it comes to the Cybertruck, there’s talk that it will create its own niche. What kind of people do you think are in that niche? Based on your answer, how will that type of customer effect the Cybertruck’s sales?
  2. If there were a Phase 3 of Elon Musk’s Master Plan, what do you think it would entail? What will Tesla do after the Model Y and Cybertruck?
  3. Tesla Energy is one aspect of the company that doesn’t get much love or attention. In terms of the company’s growth, how significant is Tesla Energy? 
  4. Where do you think the next Gigafactory will be, and why? How will it contribute to Tesla’s growth?
  5. What do you think needs to happen for Tesla to shake off the majority of its short sellers? How soon do you think Tesla will join the S&P 500?
  6. Wild Card: When humans go to Mars, what type of societal structure do you think we should set up?

In this article, we will be covering Gerber, Fraval, and Russell’s answer to question #6. The last question in this interview was a wild card and asked about life on Mars.

Life on Mars may seem like an alien idea for now, but it is something that must be pondered as interplanetary travel becomes a reality. This is especially true since Elon Musk's private space firm, SpaceX, is actively working towards making interplanetary travel possible.

In 2018, Michael Shermer asked Elon Musk a similar question. He inquired about what the CEO believed would be a good governing system for the Red Planet. Musk replied within the same day. Based on his answer, it was clear that the CEO of Tesla had thought about societal structures on Mars already. 

The Tesla community had ideas of their own to share as well. Now we get to hear Gerber, Fraval, and Russell’s thoughts on the subject, too. 

Question: Wild Card: When humans go to Mars, what type of societal structure do you think we should set up?

Ross Gerber from Gerber Kawasaki: “If humans go to Mars, the best governmental system would be one where the biggest Tesla fans are in charge.” 

Sofia from the Third Row Podcast: “On Mars, Cybertrucks made from SpaceX rockets would be driving us around everywhere. There may be some underground cities depending on how terra-forming goes [on Mars]. We’d be educated about both planets and how to thrive, not just learn things to get a job, because it would be primarily about advancing our civilization. I’d like to see very simple governing to ensure the same mistakes aren’t made there, that have been on Earth.”

Gali from HyperChange: “I think we should restart the idea of governments and states and the rules from scratch. It’s 2020+ time for some new new.”

Each of the Tesla bulls answered the question a bit differently, but they all touched upon the importance of developing a solid culture for the society on Mars. Culture is the foundation of every community. It is the glue that binds nations and large populations together. 

Culture often describes the behavior, principles, and values of a community, which is why it is essential to establish one first in society. The Tesla community has a culture. It is inviting, caring, and thoughtful. 

People in the Tesla community often share the same values and principles as well as behave similarly. So maybe Musk as already achieved the type of society he wants to develop on Mars. Now he just has to get us there. 

Relevant Info: 

Ross Gerber/Gerber Kawasaki 

Sofiaan Fraval/Third Row Podcast

Galileo Russell/HyperChange


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