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First Giga Berlin-Made Tesla Model Ys Deliver to Owners in Italy

First Giga Berlin-Made Tesla Model Ys Deliver to Owners in Italy

Photo: @TeslaClubItaly/ Twitter

Giga Berlin-made Tesla Model Ys were delivered to owners in Italy. The first five vehicles were handed over to the owners at a ceremony.

As soon as Tesla received the final approval for the production of cars at Giga Berlin, the manufacturer began active work. During this time, hundreds of cars left the assembly line to be delivered not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. The first 30 vehicles were delivered by Elon Musk directly at Giga Berlin on March 22. Others were delivered to delivery centers in Germany and beyond.

Denmark was the first country from which information about made-in-Germany Model Y deliveries was received. The first five vehicles produced at Giga Berlin were delivered there on March 29. Now information has come in that the first Model Ys have been delivered in Italy.

@TeslaClubItaly/ Twitter shared this great news with the community. According to the information, the first five black Model Y Performances have been delivered to happy families in Italy. A small ceremony took place on March 30. In this way, Giga Berlin made an important contribution to the delivery figures for Q1 2022.

The start of production at Giga Berlin was a very joyful event for both the Tesla team and those who support the company's success. The American manufacturer has shown extreme flexibility during the approval procedures, changing construction plans to best meet the requirements. Although the approval process took much longer than originally expected, it is fair to say that by German standards, it happened at lightning speed. The Tesla factory has become an excellent role model for all similar projects, and a great lesson for the German authorities, who can now greatly improve the approval process using the experience gained.

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