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First Painted Tesla Model Y Test Bodies Spotted at Giga Berlin

First Painted Tesla Model Y Test Bodies Spotted at Giga Berlin

Photos: flybrandenburg/YouTube

The construction of Giga Berlin is almost complete. A lot of production equipment has already been installed and Tesla has begun testing production processes. Recent photographs from the Paint Shop show that testing is in an active phase, which means that the start of mass production can begin as soon as the final environmental permit is obtained.

In early June, Tesla received another preliminary approval from the State Environmental Agency. It includes authorization to test the functionality of the systems in the Paint Shop, Casting, and Body in White. We have already received photos of testing in Body in White. There were single-piece ends used for Model Y, which suggests that testing in Casting has already begun. New images taken by flybrandenburg/YouTube at the Paint Shop also show that Tesla is wasting no time and has already begun active testing of production processes.

In the images taken in the Paint Shop, already two painted Model Y bodies have been spotted. Since the characteristic shine is clearly visible, it is safe to say that on the bodies, there is at least one layer of paint. If it were a primer, it would not have such a gloss.

Tesla Giga Berlin has the world's most advanced paint shop. Using the new painting technology, Tesla cars will have a special, attractive, and lively look, as the shop will be able to apply paint in three layers. Several layers of paint give the color a realistic depth, which makes the colors brighter than possible with traditional paint systems.

The paint shop equipment was supplied by Geico Taikisha, a world leader in the design and construction of turnkey automated body paint shops. With the Pardis Project, launched in 2005, Geico Taikisha was the world’s first company to offer a zero environmental impact paint shop. The Smart Paintshop by Geico revolutionizes auto body paint shops with innovative and energy-efficient 4.0 technologies. It received the SurCar Cannes Innovation Award for the best research and innovation worldwide.

It should be noted that test production should not be viewed as the immediate launch of mass production. That is, this is not a trial operation, since any car parts manufactured during the tests are not samples for possible future use, but in fact are unusable.


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