First Tesla Supercharger in Israel Officially Opens & Offers Very Low Charging Prices

by Eva Fox March 31, 2021

First Tesla Supercharger in Israel Officially Opens & Offers Very Low Charging Prices

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The first Tesla Supercharger in Israel is officially open and offers extremely low charging prices. The next three locations are slated to open in Q2 2021.

To provide Tesla owners in Israel with the best possible car ownership experience, the company began construction on its first Supercharger station in Tel Aviv in early March. As planned, its opening took place in Q1 2021. The charging station is located at 132, Derech Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Azrieli Mall and is equipped with six V3 stalls. Tesla plans to open three more Supercharger stations for Tesla customers in 2021 in Haifa, Be'er Sheva and Eilat.

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In addition to the long-awaited opening of the charging station, Tesla also delighted its customers with very low charging prices. According to the official announcement, the charging cost is only NIS 1 per kilowatt-hour without connection fees. This means that a full charge of a Tesla Model 3 will cost around NIS 60-80. That's roughly half the cost of charging electric vehicles at other charging stations in Israel.

In late February and March, Tesla delivered 120 Model 3. Other deliveries are scheduled for Q2 2021. At the moment, the facts indicate that there is high demand for the manufacturer's cars in Israel. The store, service center, and Supercharger network will further increase customer confidence in Tesla and encourage them to buy its cars.

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