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Realtime arrow signal light from the Tesla’s FSD preview hints completion is near [Video]

Realtime arrow signal light from the Tesla’s FSD preview hints completion is near [Video]

The holiday software update from Tesla brought many pleasant gifts to the owners of their cars.

“A few other things” actually turned out to be stunning features. Tesmanian blog wrote about them earlier. One of the most anticipated features was the Full Self-Driving Preview.

The latest 2019.40.50 software gives Tesla owners with Autopilot HW 3 a preview of its upcoming Full-Self driving capabilities, showcasing an increasingly more intelligent Tesla Neural Net that’s able to identify and display multiple traffic lights, stop signs, and even garbage cans on the vehicle’s touchscreen.

Thanks to Tesla enthusiasts, anyone can watch the videos they recorded and get to know more about this feature.

Credit: TeslaRaj/YouTube

Credit: My Tesla Adventure/YouTube

However, this is a preview, meaning that you are seeing improvements in the software but it’s still not yet Full-Self driving. Therefore, don't forget that you need to stop in front of the Stop sign and at the red light of the traffic light. What is noteworthy, the Tesla system is designed in such a way that you will see a warning about this on the car display. 

Credit: My Tesla Adventure/YouTube

But, as usual, Tesla didn't stop there. A company that is constantly striving to do everything right and be perfect, and this time also created something great.

In the new software update, Tesla cars not only correctly distinguish the color of the traffic light, but also distinguish the arrows that glow at the traffic light. We can see this in the video provided by Reddit user and Model 3 owner, u/Znomon.

The streetlights not only flash properly, but can distinguish between arrows and circles. from r/teslamotors

This is amazing, your car even processes such information and in real time! Tesla's vehicles have long been more than just a car, and with these new features, this is a transition to a whole new level.

In fact, this is an incredibly big advance. With the new update, Full Self-Driving has become a few steps closer. The human-pilot was never good at driving, it was good only because there was no alternative.

Stay safe and enjoy your Tesla.

Featured image credit: u/Znomon/Reddit

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