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Four Tesla Model Ys Join Police Fleet in Switzerland

by Eva Fox March 21, 2022

Four Tesla Model Ys Join Police Fleet in Switzerland

Photo: Oberbüren Police

Four Tesla Model Ys have joined the police fleet in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen. In the future, the fleet is likely to add even more electric vehicles, as a fifth of the Oberbüren Police fleet should be pure electric by the end of 2025.

Oberbüren Police, Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland, have added modern electric vehicles to their fleet. Four Tesla Model Ys took on various duties. It is reported that two of them are intended for on-call officers (i.e. on-call duty), and the other two electric SUVs are used at police bases. There they replace the BMW 5 Series Touring as part of a regular vehicle replacement cycle. Decisive for the purchase was the available space in the car and all-wheel drive in terms of value for money.

The cost of one car is ₣65,000 (about $69,900). Together with police equipment, the cost is ₣80,000 (about $86,000). However, it is worth considering a very important factor: “The maintenance and operation costs of electric vehicles are much lower,” the police said. ICE vehicles in the same application are even more expensive. Another important reason for choosing Tesla was the desire to use environmentally friendly and future-oriented cars and thereby contribute to environmental protection.

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