Tesla Is Developing the World’s Most Advanced AI System with Neural Net, Says Elon Musk in Q1 Earnings Call

Tesla Is Developing the World’s Most Advanced AI System with Neural Net, Says Elon Musk in Q1 Earnings Call

Tesla continues to step up efforts to develop Full Self-Driving (FSD), aiming to ultimately rely on vision and eliminate radar in its vehicles. The Tesla AI team is actively working on version 9 of FSD Beta, which will become more widely available in the US soon.

In its Q1 2021 Earning Report and during the Earnings Call, Tesla made several remarks indicating the company's significant progress in the development of FSD Beta V9. The company said its team is continuing to work on a new version of FSD Beta—City Streets—which will soon become more available in the US. CEO Elon Musk recognized FSD Beta as one of the most difficult technical problems to solve, yet the company has made great strides in this area.

Musk noted that solving FSD is a matter of having a huge dataset, and Tesla is the undisputed leader in that. The company has a big advantage with a huge fleet of over one million vehicles already on the road, which will help it handle edge cases. “It’s quite tricky, but we’re highly confident that we’ll get this done,” Musk said.

As Musk previously mentioned, Tesla believes that vision alone will be enough for FSD, so the company's team is committed to achieving this. AI-based software architecture relies more and more on cameras, to the point where radar becomes unnecessary sooner than expected. That is why the FSD team is fully focused on evolving to a vision-based autonomous system, and the company is nearly ready to switch the US market to Tesla Vision.

A human with only two eyes (like two cameras) is not able to simultaneously control everything that surrounds the car. As humans, we do our best to drive safely and avoid accidents. But we are already doing this as well as possible for a human; that is, we have already reached our limit. At the same time, Tesla cars have eight cameras that simultaneously see what is happening around it. This ability makes the vehicle a superhuman who is never distracted or tired, which means it is tens of times safer than a human driver.

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