Tesla Owners Surprise Parade For Young Fan’s Birthday, Shows Love and Care During Pandemic

Tesla Owners Surprise Parade For Young Fan’s Birthday, Shows Love and Care During Pandemic

Tesla is so popular and has such a great influence that it is not at all surprising that the younger generation is delighted with it. Each of the car owners knows how children react when they pass by on their Tesla. 

The son of Rick Delashmit dreams of a Model X, but for this he needs to get a driver’s license. After his 15th birthday, he was supposed to start attending driving courses and get behind the wheel of the family's Model 3 for the first time.

A few days ago, Rick’s son had a birthday. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic of the coronavirus, his driver courses were canceled, which greatly upset the young man and his parents.

Rick was very worried about his son, so he shared his story with The STL Tesla group on Facebook. He wrote that his son was upset because he would not be able to obtain permission to drive Model 3 due to a pandemic. Rick asked for a favor, he asked them to have a little parade outside his house for his son.

36 Tesla owners reacted to this call, who were happy to help Rick organize a wonderful birthday for his son, despite the epidemic of coronavirus. Of course, they could not communicate with him or congratulate him personally, but they waved to him from the windows of their cars. It was an amazing sight and a great celebration made possible by the Tesla community.

Tesla is completely different from other automakers and its community was no exception. All over the world, in different countries there are Tesla clubs whose members are a friendly team, and are always ready to help and support each other. They are united by something more than just love for the car, they are united by love for our planet and love for people. This is what gives them a special inner mood, which helps them to be responsive and kind. The Tesla community is the Tesla family!

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