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Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Speed May Be Faster Than We Expected

Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Speed May Be Faster Than We Expected

Featured image: Tobias Lindh / Twitter

The construction of the Tesla Giga Berlin continues at an unexpectedly fast pace. The construction of the walls around the paint shop begins, and a new building is being built on the site - a concrete mixing plant.

On July 6, a train arrived with the massive concrete flooring slabs for Giga Berlin, which were transported to the construction site. Just a couple of weeks ago, gravel was being poured on the ground, and now reinforced concrete floors could be laid down soon. According to those in the industry, reinforced concrete floors are sturdy and can be resistant to cracking, bending, or any damage caused over time. Steel bars provide support to reinforced concrete floors, making them durable.

Because reinforced concrete is fortified by steel bars, they are capable of carrying more weight, which Tesla may have considered necessary in its Germany-based Model Y factory. Tesla decided to order an aluminum die-casting machine for the Model Y’s rear underbody, allowing it to be produced in a singular piece instead of two separate pieces.

Progress on the construction site continues to accelerate and Giga Berlin is quickly taking shape. On July 8, the first walls were installed in the paint shop. This marks the fact that very soon we will see the shell of the building.

Source: @Gf4Tesla / Twitter

In addition to other equipment on the site, 4 tower cranes help in the efficient movement of heavy objects. Today, July 9, at the beginning of the day, a lot of concrete components began to arrive at the construction site, which looked like LEGO bricks, only very large size and containers similar to silos.

After some time, it turned out that these components will be used for the construction of a new building. Tesla is building its concrete mixing plant at the site, which will produce the basic material that is required for construction at this stage. This plant will save a lot of time and money on the transportation of cement. Now the construction process will not depend on the speed of cement delivery in cement trucks.

In general, we see that Giga Berlin has reached an incredibly fast construction speed. We know that at this stage, the German factory is already far ahead of the construction process in China. So, Tesla enthusiast Tobias Lindh / Twitter made a comparative chart demonstrating this.

Source: Tobias Lindh / Twitter

Based on information from those who oversee the construction process, we can assume that the plant will be built earlier than previously planned. This will be an incredibly significant achievement for Tesla. The sooner made in Germany Model Y begins to reach customers, the faster it will start to make a company additional profit.

Tobias Lindh also made a good video showing the location of buildings in the Giga Berlin area. Here are the pictures from the video to help you orient.

Source: Tobias Lindh / Twitter



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