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Tesla Giga Berlin Continues to Go Up at Warp Speed, AKA ‘Elon Speed’

Tesla Giga Berlin Continues to Go Up at Warp Speed, AKA ‘Elon Speed’

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Giga Berlin construction continues at warp speed. Today we can already see that the construction of all buildings has moved on to the next stages. All buildings will soon have walls and roofs, and preparation of the interior—for the installation of the equipment—will soon begin.

The Drive Unit is already just about complete: the walls and roof are now installed. The western part of the building, where there will be ramps for the entrance, has two floors, unlike the rest of the building. The second floor will probably be partially used for offices, a break room or canteen, given windows are installed there.

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Internal work is also mowing forward, as the premises are being prepped for the installation of equipment.

The rapid construction of the Paint Shop continues. The building that connects the two blocks built earlier is now growing. On the south side, it will soon reach the same length as the other two. The installation of pillars continues on the northern side and a flight of stairs has already been built.

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Source: @tobilindh/Twitter

The building will be covered with a super solid roof. Reinforcement cages are installed on the concrete floors, which are then poured with concrete. After this structure dries up, special plates will be laid atop.

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The installation of the footings for Casting has already been completed and construction has moved on to the next phase. At the moment, the foundation is being laid on top of the footings. The building will house eight giant Die Casting Machines—Giga Presses.


Model Y, manufactured at Giga Berlin, will be assembled from two (front and rear) single-piece castings. This hints that half of the eight Giga Presses will be for the front piece and the other four for the rear.

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The installation of the pillars for General Assembly appears to have been fully completed and work is underway to install the roof structures, some of which are already covered. Roofing installation has already made significant progress, which once again underlines the blistering pace of construction. An internal partition has already been installed on the north side. On the west side of the building, wall installation also began.

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The construction of the Press Shop has advanced impressively. All the piles have already been installed, and the pouring of a huge concrete foundation has begun. After the completion of this stage, the construction of the building frame should begin.

Source: @tobilindh/Twitter

For now, Giga Berlin is expected to receive all final approvals by year-end. This will be the next major achievement for Tesla's European factory.


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