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Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Beginning of April 2020 Construction Update

Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Beginning of April 2020 Construction Update

Featured image: @gigafactory_4/Twitter

As expected, the preparatory work on the Tesla Giga Berlin site was completed at the end of last week and the construction of the foundation should soon begin.

Information received from enthusiasts shows that almost all the preparatory work has already been completed, the necessary part of the site is completely cleared of roots and debris, and the land is completely leveled. In just a few weeks, Tesla was able to prepare the site for laying the foundation. The video from J.-U. Koehler/YouTube demonstrates fast work speed and shows stunning progress.


Source: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

All work on the site is carried out with prior approval. March 30, the Higher Administrative Court gave a positive forecast for final approval of the construction of the Tesla factory, therefore the State Environmental Agency of Brandenburg plans to permit the construction of the foundation in advance. If the project is subsequently rejected, then Tesla will have to restore the site to its former state at its own expense.

Frauke Zelt, the spokeswoman for the State of Brandenburg’s Environmental Ministry, confirmed this on March 30. “The application has been received. It will be examined,” she said.

Already on April 1, thanks to the pictures of the enthusiast @gigafactory_4/Twitter, pallets with bags that looked like some kind of building materials were noticed on the Giga Berlin site. Although they were seen only in small quantity, this is still the first signal that construction work is starting a transition to a new stage.

The only thing that caught the eye on the whole site was one pine tree and anthill. But today, forest ants have been moved to a new habitat zone, which is located not far from this place. “The ant hill is moving,” said Kristian Tos of Natur und Text.

Also today, a pine tree was examined, in which there were bat colonies. Inspection showed that the animals left the tree, which means that it can be cut and it will be done in the coming days. @gigafactory_4 managed to shoot a moment of inspect the tree.

The construction of Gigi Berlin is progressing very fast. One by one, Tesla gets the necessary permissions, and issues that used to be problems are resolved smoothly and stably.

The current construction plan includes only the first phase of the construction of the factory. In the future, the plant can grow with further stages of expansion depending on success.

Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus, all international trips are prohibited, so Tesla CEO Elon Musk will not be able to attend the breaking ground ceremony, but this will in no way negatively affect the construction of the Tesla European factory.

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