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Tesla Cybertruck and GM Hummer EV Comparison: What We Know So Far

Tesla’s Cybertruck has found another competitor in GM’s upcoming Hummer EV. The legacy automaker seems to be planning to seriously enter the all-electric pickup market with its all-electric truck, which was first advertised during Super Bowl LIV through an ad featuring Los Angeles Lakers player and NBA icon LeBron James.

The GM Hummer EV and Tesla Cybertruck seem to have comparable specs. Each truck has its advantages and appeal, but only one can wear the crown. The Hummer EV and Cybertruck's basic specs and details must be explored to understand just how competitive their race will be in the near future.

The main specs and details people will look at when comparing the Cybertruck and the Hummer EV are horsepower, 0-60 times, and price. GM and Tesla’s all-electric trucks are still in its early stages of creation, so the numbers announced so far for the vehicles' specs are estimates at best. Please keep this in mind while reading the information below.


Credit: GMC

For this comparison, Tesla’s Cybertruck Tri-Motor AWD will meet GM’s GMC Hummer EV head-on in the EV truck market. Both have impressive specs, which could make or break either vehicle after their release. Successful sales will depend on whether Tesla or GM can meet the specs they’ve announced for their upcoming vehicles.

The Cybertruck Tri-Motor AWD boasts a range of 500+ miles per charge with an estimated 800 horsepower. It can also run 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds.

Meanwhile, the GMC Hummer EV features 1,000+ horsepower. GM hasn’t announced the range of its upcoming electric truck, but it did share that the top-tier Hummer EV can run 0-60 in 3 seconds.

As for price, the Cybertruck Tri-Motor AWD will cost $69,900. The GMC Hummer EV doesn't have an official price tag yet, however there is speculation circulating throughout the EV community that it will cost $70,000.

With its price tag, the Hummer EV will be a strong contender for the Cybertruck. Its predecessor the gasoline-powered Hummer was sold at a premium as well, which makes the electric version a direct competitor to Tesla's high-end pickup. 

General Motors first dabbled in the EV market back in the ’90s with the release of the EV1, which was so popular people literally wept when the last unit of the vehicle was repossessed and destroyed. Unfortunately, the EV1 may have been too forward-thinking for its time, and it was killed off. Ironically, the vehicle that followed the EV1 that symbolized GM's stance on the auto industry then was the Hummer, a gas-guzzling truck that's the very representation of overconsumption. 

Fast forward decades later, and Tesla has revived the EV movement, which is now fiercer than ever. Tesla currently stands at the forefront of it as other automakers try to catch up. Most traditional carmakers have fallen short of actually making a "Tesla Killer," so much so that competitors are now dubbed as potential "Tesla Rivals" only. As the creator of the EV1, however, GM has a viable candidate: the Chevy Bolt.

Credit: Tesla

Chevy Bolt sales have been stable at best partly because dealerships are reluctant to push it on the floor. However, this might not be the case for the Hummer EV, which will be entering the truck category alongside the Tesla Cybertruck. Trucks, after all, are the bread and butter of veteran US automakers like GM. Faced with the undeniable electric revolution, there is probably no better vehicle that can carry GM than the Hummer EV. 

The Cybertruck is a formidable rival for the Hummer EV, especially when it comes to range. The Porsche Taycan wasn't even able to match the original Roadster in range, disappointing those who predicted it would be a "Tesla Killer."

That said, GM has done pretty well when it comes to range, with the Chevy Bolt arguably being the only electric car that meets Tesla's vehicles in terms of efficiency. If the company can hit the Hummer EV's range out of the park, the Cybertruck may very well end up facing a worthy competitor. 

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