Tesla Model 3 Packs the Port of Taiwan by the Hundreds, Huge Deliveries Imminent

Tesla Model 3 Packs the Port of Taiwan by the Hundreds, Huge Deliveries Imminent

Photos: DDCAR

Tesla continues to capture disproportionately large shares of the EV market in various countries, which indicates the manufacturer’s clear leadership, and the inability of traditional automakers to compete. Hundreds of Tesla Model 3s have been shipped to Taiwan for deliveries in Q1 2021, hinting at strong numbers in February.

Hundreds of Taiwanese will receive delivery of their Teslas soon because the new delivery is already in place. About 800 vehicles arrived at Taipei Port early this week, reported DDCAR. Perfectly parked cars look a little unrealistic as if they were one organic organism.

According to the plan, the new cars in Taiwan will be delivered after the lunar New Year holidays (after February 12). Therefore, customers can already prepare to take their new vehicles home. All cars are updated versions of the 2021 Model 3 with some fundamental changes. Since they were produced at the Fremont factory, they have not yet received an interior design update like those currently being produced at Giga Shanghai.

Previously, the interior color for Taiwan imported Model 3s could only be black; however, in January, there was a new, limited option for ordering a white interior. This opportunity became available only in the store, and was not opened on the official website. However, now, the Taiwanese can make a request to the store representative. The first cars with a white interior are expected to arrive in this batch.

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