This week's episode of Third Row Tesla: A deep dive into what makes Tesla so unique, and what inspires its community

This week's episode of Third Row Tesla: A deep dive into what makes Tesla so unique, and what inspires its community

What's new with Tesla this week?

What's the community's take on recent developments? 

What's most exciting about the future of Tesla, and how can the company leverage its lead in technology and software to achieve its core mission – while casually changing the whole way we think about individual transport?

If these are the questions that are on your mind right now – well, our friends from Third Row Tesla have an early Christmas gift for you! 

Episode #4 of Third Row Tesla podcast drops today and is available on all major streaming & podcast platforms and YouTube. Check it out below and let the crew know what you think!



Who's Third Row?

Initially, the podcast started as the brain child of Sofiaan Fraval, who was looking for an outlet to discuss the latest Tesla news, debunk misconceptions and, most importantly, share his enthusiasm about the company and its mission. 

However, the idea quickly turned into a community project, which is now co-hosted by many well-known members of the Tesla community with the goal bringing the truth about Tesla to the world in a fun and entertaining way.

With its mix of owners, non-owners, investors and fans, each bringing a different perspective to the table, Third Row Tesla offers an intellectual discussion of what makes Tesla so disruptive, autonomy and the road to full self-driving, EVs as a whole and more.

In addition, the crew is joined by guests from the Tesla community every week. So far, they've welcomed Ross Gerber, CEO of Gerber Kawasaki, on the show, discussing the potential of Tesla offering digital services. → Episode 3

On this week's episode, Zac and Jesse from Now You Know, an educational channel covering all things Tesla and other interesting tech stuff on YouTube, join Third Row to share their perspective on what drives them to create Tesla-related content and why Tesla is so unique in terms of generating a well-connected community among its supporters.  

While they would have loved to discuss the upcoming Christmas FSD sneak preview, the update unfortunately "needs a few more days of validation", Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to a request by Sofiaan to please give the update to one of the Third Row members ahead of recording the episode. 

But – there's always next week. And the week after that. Whenever it drops, Third Row will be among the first ones to discuss it – maybe even with Elon himself.

One thing's for sure: it won't be boring 😉


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