Independent Repairers in Europe Can Now Become an Official Tesla Approved Body Shop

by Eva Fox September 17, 2020

Independent Repairers in Europe Can Now Become an Official Tesla Approved Body Shop

Car service is an important part of the ownership experience. Tesla is always striving for improvement, which is why Tesla service centers are opening in all markets where its cars are available for order. But sometimes the number of service centers turns out to be insufficient, especially considering the rapid growth in ownership. Tesla is now expanding opportunities for independent repairers that wish to provide service for Tesla vehicles in Europe. 

To become a Tesla Official Authorized Service Center and gain free account access, independent repairers must complete the certification program. Tesla offers training for technicians and repair shops interested in working with Tesla vehicles.

Tesla's goal is to provide body shops with the training, procedures, parts, and tools to return the car to its originally-engineered state of safety, performance, and aesthetics, in an easy and economical manner.

Tesla provides a master list of required tooling for Tesla-certified shops in order to begin repairs on its vehicles.

Operating standards ensure repairers return Tesla vehicles to their originally designed state of safety, provide repair methods and resources that shorten the time the customer is without their car, and to make repair procedures, and the requirements to perform them correctly and affordably.

Independent repairers can gain access to repair and maintenance information including service manuals, service documents, wiring diagrams parts information, hardware tools, and diagnostic software tools.


The number of Tesla vehicles is increasing every day, so it is necessary to increase the number of service centers. This is a sensible and logical step to improve the Tesla ownership experience. It is anticipated that this opportunity for independent repairers will become available worldwide.

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