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Jamie Foxx Takes Tesla Model 3 Performance Out For A Test Drive


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Jamie Foxx took a Tesla Model 3 Performance out for a test drive recently. It was his first time driving a Tesla vehicle and based on the video he seemed impressed with its capabilities, specifically with its speed and Autopilot.

At the beginning of the video, Foxx didn’t shy away from the fact that he was driving an all-electric vehicle. He jokingly addressed the world’s transition from ICE vehicles to EVs, showing his knowledge of the changing times.

“Just being from Texas, I thought the roar of an engine is what I needed…,” he said. “because it just makes me feel macho when I pull up on someone of…the opposite sex I roar my engine and they go “oh, my goodness…so sexy.’”

“But now it’s a different world. And you have to get with the times. It’s all about electricity. It’s all about the environment. It’s all about the Teslas.” One of Foxx’s friends owned a Tesla Model 3 performance and let him test drive it.

Throughout the whole video, Jamie Foxx’s talent for comedy was on full display. He did impressions of other famous people while driving the Model 3 Performance, including Dr. Phil and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

It was a typical test drive for anyone testing out a car they’ve never driven in before until Jamie Foxx did a speed test. He seemed pretty impressed with the Tesla Model 3’s performance when he tried going from 0-60mph. It clocked in at 2.9 seconds.

After the speed test, he commented: “Man, this is nice…You know what…I have newfound respect [for it].” He talked about Texas and how there it was all about Ford, Chevrolet, and gas…and alcohol.

Surprisingly enough, Foxx’s test drive may have come at a good time. Tesla just announced its new Gigafactory for the Cybertruck and Model Y would be in Texas. So just as Foxx started embracing—or at least experimenting—with new energy vehicles, so is Texas.

Then Foxx learned about Autopilot. His reaction to Autopilot was probably how most people felt when they first tested out Tesla’s unique feature. There was a slight learning curve at the beginning, but Foxx picked it up pretty fast.

Foxx ended the video saying: “Well there it is, there it was, there we were on the road riding with vehicles that have gas in them and I felt all right. I felt macho. I felt like I was in control. And at the same time, I felt sleek.”

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