It Appears SpaceX Starship Launch Site Is The Source Of Inspiration For Katy Perry’s New Music Video

It Appears SpaceX Starship Launch Site Is The Source Of Inspiration For Katy Perry’s New Music Video

On Monday, January 10, Pop singer Katy Perry released a new music video of a song called “When I’m Gone,” and it appears her production team was inspired by SpaceX’s Starbase launch site. The singer is dancing at a futuristic-looking location that sort of resembles the aerospace company’s rocket factory in South Texas and the video’s opening scene features spacecraft that resemble SpaceX Starships. However, the location where the music video was filmed is only a CGI depiction.

Even though Katy did not travel to film at Starbase, multiple things throughout the awesome music video appear to be a reference to SpaceX's Starship facility. There is even a scene where a robotic dog walks besides Katy! SpaceX owns a couple of robo-dogs by Boston Dynamics named ‘Apollo’ and ‘Zeus’. The robotic dogs have been seen wondering around the launch site when engineers are performing tests of stainless-steel spacecraft, as seen in the photos below. The robo-dogs feature 360° panoramic cameras to keep the launch pad supervised, noise anomaly detection, thermal inspection, leak detection, among other useful things. It can be used to inspect Starship prototypes during major tests which can otherwise be too dangerous for a human to inspect up close.

Source: Katy Perry “When I’m Gone” Music Video

Like in Katy Perry’s futuristic music video, SpaceX does have real-life Starships standing side-by-side at Starbase, pictured below. SpaceX is really working to make Sci-Fi a reality! The company is currently performing pre-flight tests of the first Starship and Super Heavy rocket prototypes that will perform the first orbital flight test this year. The rocket-ship is under development to return NASA astronauts to the Moon and enable humanity to build the first city on Mars. You can watch Katy Perry’s “When I’m Gone” music video in the link below.

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Featured Images Source: Katy Perry "When I'm Gone" Music Video via YouTube 

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