Giga Berlin-Made Tesla Model Y Long Range to Soon Deliver to Customers

Giga Berlin-Made Tesla Model Y Long Range to Soon Deliver to Customers

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Giga Berlin-made Tesla Model Y Long Range cars could soon be delivered to customers. It appears that delivery will only be made to a few customers for now, however the start of production of the Long Range version at the German factory is a strong sign.

Two Tesla customers in Germany reported on the Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF) forum that they received a VIN to accept delivery of their Giga Berlin-made Model Y Long Range cars, according to the local Teslamag blog. Forum members have posted that after their expected delivery date had been postponed several times, they have now received the VIN and are preparing to take delivery. Both members' vehicles will be delivered between July 11 and July 17, although their delivery cities are different.

Obviously, Tesla started production of the Model Y LR at Giga Berlin before it closed for upgrades on July 11. According to Teslamag, the first 40 or so vehicles made in Germany will be delivered to local car rental company Sixt. In addition, several Model Y LR cars were spotted in some Tesla showrooms around the country last week. They were identified by the VIN, which contained “XP7” at the beginning, indicating that they were made at Giga Berlin.

Tesla has never used a made-in-China Model Y LR for display in its showrooms in Germany. So the made-in-Germany Model Y LRs are the first of their kind, which will now be used to familiarize the Germans with them. Perhaps this is some special tribute, designed to further please local customers.

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