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Tesla Giga Berlin-Made Model Y Performance Spotted Being Transported, Probably for Crash Tests or Validation

Tesla Giga Berlin-Made Model Y Performance Spotted Being Transported, Probably for Crash Tests or Validation

Photo: Steve&Julian/Facebook

Tesla Giga Berlin is getting closer to the start of production and as soon as the final approval is received, the company will start mass production. Six Model Y Performance cars were spotted being transported from Giga Berlin, probably for testing purposes.

At the moment, Tesla has submitted all the documents necessary for the approval of the construction of Giga Berlin and is awaiting final permission. Although the approval process was too long, it enabled the company to fine-tune the production equipment and prepare to start mass production.

Newly built Model Ys have already been spotted several times on the territory of the factory. At the moment, the company has permission to manufacture a limited number of vehicles, but not to be sold to consumers. Meanwhile, cars are also needed to carry out a series of tests, such as crash tests and for regulatory compliance.

Steve&Julian/Facebook shared photos of several Model Y Performance cars taken at Giga Berlin, transported on a trailer. The account host explained that they had seen a trailer with electric vehicles leaving Giga Berlin and driving along the South Berlin Ring towards the west. According to the photo, not all cars were fully finished and some of them were missing a rear bumper.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a lot of interesting details during Giga Fest at Giga Berlin on October 9. Among other things, it is the company’s goal to produce a car every 45 seconds. “Our team is supported by an army of robots that weld, rivet, and glue the car parts together. With highly precise and fast movements, we produce 1 car body every 45 seconds,” wrote Tesla.

According to Musk's explanations, if the factory reaches its target of a 45-second production cycle, it could produce 10,000 vehicles on average in one week. Thus, Giga Berlin would be able to produce about 520,000 vehicles per year. However, it should be kept in mind that the factory will not be able to immediately achieve this production capacity, and it will take at least one year to achieve this. Nevertheless, honing their skills now, the Tesla team will be able to increase production to the set goals as soon as possible.

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