Tesla Model 3 Became The Best-Selling Vehicle In Netherlands In March 2020

Tesla Model 3 Became The Best-Selling Vehicle In Netherlands In March 2020

Tesla Model 3 is the sixth time becoming the best-selling car in the Netherlands on the overall market.

Despite the slowdown in Dutch car sales, the plug-in market was positive in March, registering 5102 cars. According to ev-sales, this shows plugin registrations up 8% YoY, in stark contrast with the overall market (-25% YoY), translating into a PEV Share of 17% (14% BEV) in March, pulling the year to date count to 12,208 units (+14%), with the 2020 PEV share now at 12% (9% BEV).

Such good indicators in the Dutch market was largely due to the Tesla Model 3. There were 1,339 vehicles registered in the country, which allowed Model 3 to become a bestseller in the whole market, having an advantage of 400 units over the Kia Niro with 925 registered units. This is the sixth time that the Tesla Model 3 wins the overall Best Selling trophy.


In the EV sales ranking, Model 3 is also becoming the undisputed leader. In second place is the Kia Niro EV, lagging behind by 814 cars!, selling only 525 units. The third place goes to Volkswagen e-golf with 403 cars sold.


Source: ev-sales

Tesla's midsizer is in the lead, selling 1,624 Model 3s in 2020, followed by the BMW 3-Series (1,505) and Volvo S/V60 (1,432), ranking second and third respectively.

Source: ev-sales

Every day we receive new data from around the world that demonstrate that despite the crisis due to COVID-19, Tesla remains a leader of the interests of consumers. As the company develops more and more every year, and offers the best cars in the EV market (and not only), interest in its products will continue to increase in the future.

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