New Tesla Supercharger in Texas Includes Spaces for Cybertruck as Production Nears

by Eva Fox April 19, 2021

New Tesla Supercharger in Texas Includes Spaces for Cybertruck as Production Nears

Photos: @phibetakitten/Twitter

A new Tesla Supercharger station in Texas probably includes four spaces for Cybertruck as they are much larger than the standard ones. This indicates that the company has begun rolling out convenient charging infrastructure for its pickup truck, which will begin production in a few months.

@phibetakitten/Twitter recently visited Tesla's new Supercharger station in Grapevine, Texas. The new location with 12 V3 stalls was opened on April 7 and had an interesting feature. @phibetakitten noticed that four of the 12 stalls had much larger parking spaces. In order to realize how much the size differs from the standard, she said that if a Model 3 is parked exactly in the center of the space, it will not be possible to charge it, since the cable is not long enough to reach the charging port. To charge the car, it would have to be parked closer to the stall so that the charging cable can reach.

There is no doubt that these spaces are much larger than the standard ones. The fact that the cable does not reach the charging port of Model 3 when the vehicle is centered also indicates that these locations are for a larger vehicle, such as Cybertruck. As such, this appears to be one of the first—if not the first—Supercharger stations tailored to support Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck is distinguished not only by its stunning characteristics and appearance but also by its impressive size. The steel beast has the following dimensions:

  • Wheelbase 149.9 in (3.807 mm)
  • Length 231.7 in (5.885 mm)
  • Width 79.8 in (2,027 mm)
  • Height 75 in (1.905 mm)

Given its size, the electric pickup will likely need much larger parking spaces for charging. At the moment, it is known that Tesla is going to include large spaces at two more new Supercharger stations in California, in Pasadena and Santa Monica. Nevertheless, the company can improve the existing ones as well.

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