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Tesla Gigafactory 4 is a real stab in the heart of the industry, says Nico Rosberg

Tesla Gigafactory 4 is a real stab in the heart of the industry, says Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg is a German-Finnish citizen and was the world champion in Formula 1 in 2016. After his resignation after the World Cup title, Rosberg began investing in startups for future technologies. His portfolio includes about 25 investments, especially in the field of sustainable mobility. Rosberg also joined the space startup Elon Musk SpaceX.

Nico Rosberg:

"I love the automotive world. I am fascinated by the beauty and the elegance of classic cars, their ability to defy time with their design and by the outstanding collectors' capability to preserve these specimens in perfect conditions-way past the wear and tear of time ... At the same time, I am getting more and more involved with the subjects related to environmental sustainability and climate changes."

Rosberg will act as an investor in the television show "Höhle des Löwen." In the show, people with interesting ideas present their products to a small group of successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs must decide whether they can potentially invest hundreds of thousands of euros in a project and finance it. 

The main condition for Rosberg's participation in the show was that the show relied more and more on startups that stand for the environment and sustainability. It was very important for Nico.

Rosberg shared his thoughts at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He believes that Elon Musk’s plans for Germany with Tesla are “unbelievable.” 

According to forecasts, in ten years half of the cars will be equipped with an electric drive, so Rosberg believes that the automotive industry is in the main phase of change and everyone needs to promote this.

The automotive industry in Germany is also facing major shocks in this regard. Rosberg believes that for the "Auto-Dinosaurs" is a huge problem, but he has no doubt that they will do it. As for jobs in connection with the transition of the automotive industry to the production of electric cars, Rosberg remains cautious with the estimates. But it claims that

“the effects are not yet known, development may have negative consequences in the short term, but new opportunities may appear in the long term.”

As for Elon Musk's plans to build a Tesla factory in Brandenburg, Rosberg considers this incredible:

"That's incredible. It is a real stab in the heart of the industry. Musk addresses what the German manufacturers had said about it not being worth it. For us Germans, Musk's plans may also be positive. It creates jobs."

He also expressed his opinion about fears that Musk will accelerate job cuts in the industry:

"As I said, I would be careful with such forecasts. We don't know. But whenever there were disruptions in history, there were usually short-term job losses. But if, for example, the economy grows, there usually follows a wave in which more jobs are created."

Nico is a longtime fan of Tesla, because he understands the company's mission and supports accelerating the transition of the world to renewable energy sources. He did several reviews of the company’s cars on his YouTube channel. And in September 2019, he proposed his candidacy for the role of driver for Model S, who did the race on Nürburgring (and completing a lap around the track in 7:13)





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