SpaceX 'Starlink for RV' service is now called 'Roam' for use while on-the-go in vehicles globally

SpaceX 'Starlink for RV' service is now called 'Roam' for use while on-the-go in vehicles globally

SpaceX operates the world’s largest broadband constellation with approximately 3,750 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit. The company already provides internet to over one million subscribers globally. This past week, SpaceX updated its website and it rebranded its ‘Starlink for RV’ service, it is now called “Roam.” 

Back in October, SpaceX announced that its ‘Starlink for RV’ service had amassed over 100,000 internet subscribers in less than six months. When the company made this announcement, SpaceX founder Elon Musk tweeted –“We might need a different name, as this is basically just Starlink with roaming capability, so you can take your terminal anywhere,” he wrote on October 12, 2022.

Now, the company officially changed the service name to ‘Roam’ to better reflect its capabilities. “Unlimited high-speed, low-latency internet on an as-needed basis all over the world. One-time cost of $599 for portable hardware or $2,500 for in-motion hardware. Choose Regional for $150/mo, Global for $200/mo,” the updated website states. “Starlink Roam provides the ability to pause and un-pause service at any time and is billed in one-month increments, allowing users to customize their service to their individual travel needs.”

SpaceX offers a ‘Standard’ antenna and also a “new Flat High Performance Starlink allows users to enjoy high-speed, low-latency internet while in motion. With a wide field of view and enhanced GPS capabilities, the Flat High Performance Starlink can connect to more satellites, allowing for consistent connectivity on the go.” The company says that the Starlink antenna is “designed for a permanent installation on your vehicle and is resilient in harsh environments.”

The ‘Roam’ service is “available for order and use in select markets.” SpaceX has an interactive map where interested customers can type their address to check if the service is available in a specific address or region. SpaceX advertises its ‘Roam’ service as being “ideal for customers travelling [sic] to locations where connectivity has been unreliable or completely unavailable.”

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