Sales volume of Tesla in Japan! Model 3 explosive power seen in the graph!

by Eva Fox November 07, 2019

Sales volume of Tesla in Japan! Model 3 explosive power seen in the graph!

We did a study and tried to figure out Tesla's sales in Japan.

Japan Automobile Importers Association (JAIA) is an industrial organization created by the importer, which connects the import contract directly with foreign car manufacturers (the so-called regular agency).

Tesla's sales volume in the Japan Automobile Importers Association (JAIA) monthly report located at the "Other", which is why there is a lot of confusion.

But let's try to figure it out.

Tesla's Japanese subsidiary Tesla Japan first unveiled Tesla Model 3 sedan in Japan on November 8th.

After the Tesla Model 3 was officially announced in Japan, Japanese media reported that deliveries were planned for the second half of 2019.


This plan was implemented and already in September, the Japanese were able to get their Tesla Model 3.

According to Teskas, in September and October, Tesla sales in Japan totaled 292 and 234 units respectively.

Chart: On the graph we see the explosive power of Tesla Model 3.

Despite the fact that volume sales insignificantly has fallen since September, it may be close to the limit when we consider such reasons as tax increases, the beginning of the month and the beginning of Q4, as well as the delivery system.

Lets consider a graph of the history of Tesla sales in Japan.

Chart: Teskas

September 2014 start of delivery of Model S
January 2017 start of delivery of Model X
September 2019 start of delivery of Model 3

Thus, the sales volume increase is strongly felt at every time the delivery begins. In particular, it showed tremendous growth with the start of the Model 3 delivery. Many people are still waiting for delivery at this stage, so sales are still increasing.

With the entry of the Tesla Model 3 into the Japanese market, we see explosive sales growth. Model 3 is an affordable premium class electric car, so the demand for it is difficult to overestimate.

As stated earlier in our article "Tesla Model 3 nominated for Car of the Year Award in Japan", the Tesla Model 3, for all its merits and advantages, was nominated for the "Japan Car of the Year 2019-2020" award. Tesla Model 3 will stand up to the best gasoline and all-electric cars in Japan.

The Tesla Model 3 will be competing with 34 other cars for the title, some were made by Japanese manufacturers, and others were built by overseas automakers. 

Looking at the chart above, we can see that Tesla Motors Japan delivers large volumes in the third month of the quarter.

Of course, you can see that at the end of the term, sales usually decrease. Let's see why.

Production takes 1-2 months → Transportation from USA → Maintenance in Japan

Delivered only for the third month!!!

In addition, the Tesla Model 3 will fit into the machine parking in Japan, which the Model S and Model X do not fit. This is a major improvement for the Japanese market.

Taking into account the information presented above, it can be concluded that Tesla cars are becoming increasingly popular in the Japanese market. Since entering on the market Model 3, Tesla's sales in Japan have increased dramatically. What should we expect after entering the Model Y on the market? It is easy to guess that the only right answer is an even more significant increase in sales.



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