Smaller Size Tesla Cybertruck For European Market ‘Highly Likely’, Says Elon Musk

by Eva Fox August 04, 2020

Smaller Size Tesla Cybertruck For European Market ‘Highly Likely’, Says Elon Musk

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Cybertruck and its creators continue to impress the public. Despite talks that the truck could be smaller come production, this steel beast will indeed be released the same size as originally planned. We learn now, though, a smaller version is likely to be offered, but at a later time.

In the recent past, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned that the final version of the pickup truck would be smaller. And on Jay Leno's Garage, Musk said that Cybertruck would be reduced in size by ~ 3-5%, its' centerline would be more level, and that the height of its window sill would be lower.

Soon after, though, having weighed the pros and cons, Musk said that Cybertruck would ultimately be released in the same size as previously planned. Despite the fact that some customers would like to see a smaller Cybertruck, this would also mean that the pickup would not share the same dimensions as what was presented in November.

The large size perfectly conveys the power, strength, and burly attitude that were intended for its design. So making a full-size Cybertruck is simply right. It captivated our hearts and souls exactly as it is. And we are thrilled to learn this is precisely how we will receive it!!!

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Nevertheless, residents of many European countries would not have a good option, practically speaking, for Cybertruck in its current form. In many cases, they simply would not be able to drive it along some of the more narrow roads in European cities. This is why people keep asking Musk about the possibility of a smaller Cybertruck, in the hope that he will consider it.

As practice has shown, these questions and concerns were noticed. Yesterday, Twitter user @Lindw0rm asked Musk if a small version of Cybertruck would be presented as he doesn't want any other car. Musk replied that this is very likely in the future.

At the moment, it is hard to know whether the production of a smaller Cybertruck would ultimately be advisable, as the demand for such a version is difficult to predict. Most likely, Tesla will first focus on the production of a full-size Cybertruck, and only after that, the company will consider the possibility of creating a smaller one.

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