SpaceX plans to offer Starlink satellite Internet in Greece

SpaceX plans to offer Starlink satellite Internet in Greece

Starlink Satellite Digital Illustration By: Erc X @ErcXspace via Twitter

SpaceX is looking forward to providing Starlink satellite internet service globally. Primarily in rural communities where connection is unreliable. If the rocket company earns a percentage of the telecommunications market, Starlink’s revenue could provide additional funding for SpaceX’s space program. SpaceX’s ultimate mission is to colonize Mars, the company envisions building a fleet of Starships that could transport hundreds of passengers and tons of cargo to the Red Planet. Starlink customers will be supporting SpaceX’s ambitious pursuit.

For over a year, SpaceX’s previously-flown Falcon 9 rockets have deployed sixteen batches of internet-beaming Starlink satellites. To date, there are approximately 960 satellites in orbit out of over 4,000 that will one day be part of the Starlink broadband constellation. SpaceX is currently offering a Starlink beta service to select customers living in Canada and northern United States. As more satellites are deployed to low Earth orbit, the company will be able to invite more customers to beta test the network in January. SpaceX already earned approval to connect Australia next year. The next place that could soon receive approval is Greece.

According to a report by a Greek news site, Kathimerini, SpaceX plans to offer Starlink broadband satellite internet service in Greece during the first quarter of 2021. SpaceX submitted a request with the country’s regulatory agencies – the Hellenic Telecommunications and Posts Commission (EETT) and the Digital Governance Ministry – to request a service and operation license, Kathimerini reported on December 7.

Starlink customers receive internet from the satellites that operate at around 550-kilometers above Earth via a Starlink Kit. The kit includes a phased-array antenna dish and a Wi-Fi router device that enables users to connect the network wirelessly to computerized devices. SpaceX states the dish user terminal is more advanced than what is currently onboard fighter jets. "We’re continuously improving all of the parts of the system. We update all of our satellites weekly, and push software updates to the Starlink dishes, WiFi routers, and phone app every couple weeks," a SpaceX engineer said in November during a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' discussion, "All the feedback so far has been invaluable and is being directly incorporated into engineering decisions across the organization," they stated, "This has been really inspiring to us all. We're incredibly excited to continue on this journey together as we bring internet to disconnected populations across the world. And, then to Mars!"

Starlink Satellite Illustration Created By: Erc X @ErcXspace via Twitter

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