SpaceX Starlink Is Now Available In Moldova, Internet Is Already In Use By Ukrainian Refugees

SpaceX Starlink Is Now Available In Moldova, Internet Is Already In Use By Ukrainian Refugees
Today, August 3rd, SpaceX announced that Starlink satellite internet service is now available in Moldova. The country is situated between Romania and Ukraine. Starlink internet is already in use by Ukrainian refugee students who fled the ongoing war with Russia. In March, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Natalia Gavrilita shared that the Starlink network was useful for refugee processing at the border. “Thank you, Elon Musk! Spacex's Starlink service will provide internet connection services at border crossing points with Ukraine and refugees distribution centers. Starlink service will be provided free of charge and will be managed in partnership with moldovan authorities,” she shared via Twitter. 
Earlier this year, SpaceX donated thousands of Starlink user terminals to the country of Ukraine to assist the military and civilians to coordinate safety operations and maintain reliable communication amid the Russia invasion. It has been around 5 months since Russian soldiers invaded the country and Starlink has been a useful tool according to authorities. 
SpaceX also donated Starlink user terminals to neigboring countries that are helping millions of refugees during the ongoing crisis. In April, SmartAID, an international nonprofit organization that provides technology aid in disaster zones, shared that SpaceX donated Starlink kits to enable underprivildged students to access the internet. “Thank you Spacex for supporting SmartAID & Moldova Children’s Fund. Your ongoing support & donation of Starlink User terminals helped us roll out service across Moldova, providing hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees with data connectivity helping people stay connected!” said SmartAID. “Elon Musk, thank you for your ongoing support of Ukrainian people!” To date, SpaceX has launched approximately 2,900 internet-beaming Starlink satellites to Low Earth Orbit that provide internet across 37 countries. Visit for information about the satellite broadband service. 
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