SpaceX is building a 'Futuristic Bar' & Restaurant at the South Texas Starship Launch Site

SpaceX is building a 'Futuristic Bar' & Restaurant at the South Texas Starship Launch Site

Featured Image Sources: Everyday Astronaut & RGV Aerial Photography via Twitter

SpaceX teams are working around-the-clock to develop the next-generation launch vehicle – Starship. SpaceX founder Elon Musk envisions a fleet of hundreds of Starships embarking on a voyage to colonize Mars. Starship prototypes are undergoing testing at the company’s South Texas Launch Facility located at Boca Chica Beach village in Brownsville, TX. Each prototype undergoes a series of tests that offer engineers insight towards the development of the spacecraft.

Musk calls Boca Chica Beach the ‘Gateway to Mars,’ he aspires to transform the small village into a spaceport and resort where employees can enjoy living and working towards the development of the spacecraft that will transform humans into a multiplanet species. –“SpaceX is committed to developing revolutionary space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets. Boca Chica Village is our latest launch site dedicated to Starship, our next-generation launch vehicle. SpaceX is committed to developing this town into a 21st-century Spaceport,” the company stated in an August 2020 job listing, seeking to hire a 'Resort Development Manager.'

Over the last year, the South Texas facility rapidly transformed into a rocket factory, spewing out multiple stainless-steel Starship test vehicles under assembly inside gigantic high bays. Resort-like amenities have also been established, including an outdoor restaurant that features food trucks with warm meals for employees. In October, Musk shared a photograph of a 'Tiki Bar' where employees can go have a beverage after a long work day. "Starship nosecone, high bay & tiki bar," he captioned three photographs via Twitter, shown below.



This week, Musk shared he also plans to build a ‘futuristic bar’ at top of a giant high bay. YouTuber Tim Dodd, Everyday Astronaut, shared a photograph of the outdoor restaurant featuring a roof made out of Starship MK1 stainless-steel fins, shown below. –“That’s actually our restaurant, but SpaceX is building a futuristic bar at the top of the high bay with 360 degree windows & a glass floor looking down on the rocket factory,” Musk said in response to the photograph he shared.



The ‘futuristic bar’ with 360 view will be located atop of the Vehicle Assembly Building pictured below. It is currently the tallest structure at the South Texas rocket factory. Two Starship vehicles can fit inside the building, which offers protection against Boca Chica’s high winds during storms in hurricane season.



A Twitter user asked Musk –“…how does one get to this bar when complete?” To which he replied, “Catapult high into the air & land on the roof with a base jumping parachute (the only way to travel),” he jokingly said.



Everyday Astronaut asked Musk if the public will be allowed to visit the outdoor restaurant and the bar atop the high bay – “Probably employees and guests only, right? I really think there should be a public space out here too,” he wrote to Musk. “It’s too exciting for people to see everything, a good way for the engaged public to feel be involved. I know people who would love to run one (I’m sure you do too),” he added. “I super support public spaces around our production & launch sites, wherever it can be done safely and securely. When covid [coronavirus] passes, we will open up our restaurant to the public & figure out ways to allow limited access to the High Bar,” Musk said in response.



Featured Image Sources: Everyday Astronaut & RGV Aerial Photography via Twitter

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