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Political conversations around the Tesla factory in Germany

Political conversations around the Tesla factory in Germany

Tesla has announced that it will build its first European electric vehicle and battery factory in Germany near Berlin. In other regions of the Federal Republic, which hoped that Tesla would build his plant on their territory, they were a little disappointed. But this clearly doesn't apply to the Minister of Transport Baden-Württemberg.

“We are not particularly interested in this right now,” Winfried German "Green" said at the end of November during a conversation with Daimler AG CEO Ola Källenius. “From an economic point of view, this is quite problematic ... so we don’t need more the auto industry.”

Minister of Transport Winfried German photo by Sebastian Berger

At the same time, Brandenburg's Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke told the German press agency: “This is good news for our country. We have been having intensive discussions for a long time with good arguments. I am glad that Elon Musk decided on the location (of the factory) in Brandenburg". Ramona Pop, Berlin Senator for Economy tweeted: “If you have visions, come to Berlin! Welcome to the metropolitan area, Tesla!"

Ministry of State also responded to Winfried Hermann's criticism.

Susanne Eisenmann, CDU’s main candidate for state elections in 2021, sharply criticized the statements of the Minister of Transport, Winfried German, about the location of the Tesla factory in Brandenburg and the automotive industry in the southwest. “I consider the statement of the Minister of Transport Herman arrogant. This shows how anti-innovative and anti-economical, as well as how little future-oriented the Greens are,” said Eisenmann.

Susanne Eisenmann photo by Ministry of Culture

German’s attitude was incompatible with the interests of the country. “We should always have an interest in companies from the automotive and supply industries. After all, this is our core industry, ”continues Eisenmann. She said she was in favor of the Tesla factory. Representatives of other parties in the country also criticized German's comments on the whereabouts of the German factory Tesla.

Also, according to welt.de, a government spokesman said, “Of course we would like to have a Tesla plant in Baden-Württemberg.”

In fact, the Ministry of Economy and the State Ministry have already contacted Tesla at an early stage.

Undoubtedly, in any country in the world you can meet those who, for various reasons, are not ready to accept innovation and development. But the fact remains, the process of building the Tesla factory and its further work will certainly bring only benefit to any country.

Featured image: Susanne Eisenmann photo by Ministry of Culture

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