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Tesla Giga Berlin To Start Model Y Production in 1H 2021, as Construction Speed Continues to Stun

Tesla Giga Berlin To Start Model Y Production in 1H 2021, as Construction Speed Continues to Stun

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The progress at the Giga Berlin construction site continues to amaze. Almost all buildings have already taken shape, and it seems that, in a few months, Model Y production for the European market will begin.

The Drive Unit building is almost complete. The roof is already fully insulated, the walls are installed, and almost completely covered with the facade. The windows in the western part of the building are also installed. Also on the western side, in the immediate vicinity of the building, the installation of a foundation began. At the moment, it is being installed in two places, but its purpose remains unknown.

The construction of the Paint Shop is almost complete. Two of its blocks are already connected, with the exception of a small part on the north side, which could easily be installed in 1-2 days. The building is almost completely covered with a roof. On the east side, the installation of facades continues and the building is increasingly taking on a finished form.

The installation of a reinforced screed—which will provide high strength to the building's foundation so it can support  giant die casting machines—in the Casting building has already been completed. The installation of pillars for the building continues, on which strong reinforced concrete floors are already being installed to increase the strength of the entire building. The installation of the walls has reached a new breakthrough and now the building has two walls: south and west. The western wall has already connected the Paint Shop building and the Casting building.


General Assembly looks quite large. The western part of the building reaches Body in White, and a structure is being erected there, which will ultimately unite the two buildings completely.

Most of the roof is already in place, however not all pillars of General Assembly have been installed yet, so in the future, the building will become even larger than we can see at the moment.

The installation of a powerful foundation continues in the Press Shop. The piles were first installed and the pouring of the massive concrete foundation, which appears to be over 13 feet, is now in progress. After the completion of this stage, the construction of the building frame should begin.




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