Tesla 2021 Model 3 Gets Upgraded 82 kWh Battery Pack, Extending Range

by Eva Fox November 10, 2020

Tesla 2021 Model 3 Gets Upgraded 82 kWh Battery Pack, Extending Range

Tesla recently launched a refreshed Model 3. Among the many improvements, the cars received a range increase of 5 to 10%, depending on the configuration. It is now clear what was really behind this.

Tff-forum.de user HolgerS found information that the Long Range and Performance Model 3 now heading to Europe most likely have new battery cells with a new 82 kWh battery.

Tesla sends the documents to the buyers before the vehicle arrives in Europe so that they can register it ahead of time and guarantee a smooth pick-up. It is for this reason that some German owners already have registrations for their vehicles, which should be picked up at the end of November or December.

According to published documents, the battery capacity of the 2021 Model 3 is 82 kWh. At the same time, for the 2019 and 2020 Model 3 the capacity is 79 kWh. The difference corresponds to an increase in the energy density of 5%.

Apparently, the refreshed Tesla cars use new battery cells from Panasonic, which they talked about at the end of July 2020--with an increase in specific energy of around 5%.

The company introduced "2170" nickel-cobalt-aluminum (NCA) cathode chemistry in 2017 for the Tesla Model 3. According to industry experts, these cells already have an extremely high energy density--over 700 watt-hours per liter. Panasonic said it has been developing the technology since its launch three years ago, resulting in an increase in specific energy of more than 5% and a reduction in cobalt content to at most 5%, said its U.S. EV battery chief Yasuaki Takamoto. The company also plans to increase the power density of its batteries that it supplies to Tesla by 20% in five years, and to commercialize a cobalt-free version "in two to three years."

From the looks of it, the 2021 Model 3 uses exactly those batteries with the improved chemistry that Takamoto talking about. Tesla constantly strives to improve its products. The company's cars regularly receive improvements that make them more modern and improve performance characteristics.

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