Tesla Accelerates Hiring Efforts for 4680 Battery Cell Manufacturing at Giga Texas

Tesla Accelerates Hiring Efforts for 4680 Battery Cell Manufacturing at Giga Texas

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Tesla is accelerating recruitment for battery manufacturing positions at Giga Texas. Over the past month, dozens of new vacancies have been added, indicating that the company continues to advance its goals of vertically integrating the major components of its vehicles and energy storage lineup.

We know that Giga Texas will have its own battery factory. According to Tesla, the goal is to produce the batteries needed for car factories in-house. The company began hiring battery specialists a few months ago and has stepped up its intensity in the last month as production draws closer to the start. Over the past month, Tesla has posted dozens of new jobs to attract talent in the industry.

The company is hiring specialists for the following positions:

  • Process Controls Engineer, Cell Materials
  • Manager, Battery Manufacturing Engineering
  • Sr. Manufacturing Engineer (Part Feeding, Material Handling, Conveyance), Cell Engineering
  • Associate Manufacturing Manager, Cell Manufacturing (Foil Coating)
  • Sr. Process Controls Engineer, Cell Materials Manufacturing
  • Manager Production Engineering, Cell Manufacturing
  • Production Process Controls Engineering Manager, Cell Materials
  • Production Manager, Cell Materials Manufacturing
  • Controls Engineering Manager, Cell Manufacturing
  • Engineering Manager, Cell Process Development, Electrode
  • Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Cell Engineering
  • Quality Manager, Cell Manufacturing
  • Production Control / Warehouse Manager, Cell Materials
  • Sr. Controls Engineer, Cell Manufacturing
  • Senior Electrical and Safety Engineer, Cell Controls Engineering
  • Chemical Process Engineer, Cell Materials Manufacturing
  • Materials Engineer, Cell Manufacturing
  • Sr. Production Process Engineer, Cell Manufacturing
  • Sr. Manufacturing Equipment Engineer, Cell Manufacturing
  • Production Process Engineer, Cell Manufacturing
  • Cell Shop Senior Leader
  • Equipment Maintenance Manager, Cell Materials

All positions are related to the development and setting up of equipment for the production of the 4680 battery, their direct production, quality control, production process management, preparation of materials, development of chemical processes, etc. In the job descriptions, Tesla writes that the 4680 cell is one of the most complex and challenging components designed and manufactured at the company.

It is noteworthy that the company is hiring employees who will be engaged in the development of processes and equipment for the production of materials for batteries. "You will work closely with the process development and design teams to deploy first-of-a-kind chemical production processes and equipment, designing new processing facilities to produce high purity battery materials, supporting projects from concept through design, install, integration, ramp, and handover to the operations team."

Soon, Giga Texas, the most innovative car factory in the world, will begin operation. Teams from a wide variety of disciplines will go to work to produce the most advanced vehicles ever built. Take the opportunity and join the Tesla team. More positions can be found at the links here and here.

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