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Tesla Auto Shift Will Deploy in Future to All Models with FSD

Tesla Auto Shift Will Deploy in Future to All Models with FSD

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The newest function for automatic gear shifting, first used in the updated Tesla Model S, will in the future become available to all vehicles of the company that has FSD, says Elon Musk.

One of the most hotly debated features of the new Tesla Model S is Auto Shift out of Park. The vehicle was the first in line up to feature this special feature. Auto Shift connects to the cameras and neural networks to determine which gear the vehicle should be in—Drive, Neutral, Reverse, or Park. While it sounds unusual to those who haven’t yet experienced the new feature, it will ultimately feel natural, so much so that drivers may get annoyed by going back to using the standard gear shift.

To use Auto Shift out of Park, the driver must first enable the feature and then be prompted to read and accept a warning stating that the feature is still in beta. Once activated, the car itself determines the gear in which it needs to move, taking into account its environment. Thus, driver intervention is minimized, which will soon become completely normal and prepare both Tesla cars and people's perceptions for full self-driving.

However, the new Model S will soon not be the only vehicle from the manufacturer which has this feature. Auto Shift will soon be rolled out to all of the company's vehicles that have FSD, CEO Elon Musk said on July 19.

As such, existing Tesla vehicles will receive Auto Shift with a new OTA update, although no timeframe has been announced for when this will be done. The main condition is that the car has an activated FSD package. New cars of the company, respectively, will be released already with the function.

To date, many owners of Tesla Model S Plaid have already expressed their opinion about Auto Shift, calling it very convenient. However, they also acknowledge the fact that the new feature takes some time to get used to, which can take hours to days.

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