Tesla Battery System in Moss Landing Ceremonially Commissioned

Tesla Battery System in Moss Landing Ceremonially Commissioned

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PG&E held a grand commissioning ceremony for the Elkhorn Battery System in Moss Landing, which consists of 256 Tesla Megapacks. This became a key milestone in making clean energy available on demand to support California's electric grid reliability.

On June 6, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) celebrated the energization and certification of the Elkhorn Battery System in Moss Landing. The solemn ceremony was another milestone on the way to making clean energy available on demand to support California’s electric grid reliability. The project was made possible through a collaboration with Tesla and became one of the largest utility-owned lithium-ion battery energy storage systems in the world.

PG&E began maintenance of its 182.5 MW Elkhorn Battery system in April. This is a battery-powered energy storage system built using 256 Tesla Megapacks. Designed, built, and maintained jointly by PG&E and Tesla, it is owned and operated by PG&E. After about two years of construction, it gives PG&E the ability to store and transmit to the grid up to 730 MWh of power, with a maximum output of 182.5 MW for four hours.

“We are ushering in a new era of electric system reliability and delivering a vision into the future for our customers with the commissioning of the Tesla Megapack system in Moss Landing. We are committed to safely delivering reliable and clean energy in a way that achieves the greatest value for our customers, but we can’t go it alone into this clean energy future. Projects like this require innovative partners, such as Tesla, and PG&E will continue to seek out and work with the best and brightest to provide breakthrough clean energy solutions for our customers,” said PG&E Corporation Chief Executive Officer Patti Poppe.

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