China Highway Dept Staff Debunks Tesla FUD from Irresponsible Media

China Highway Dept Staff Debunks Tesla FUD from Irresponsible Media

Today, several media outlets reported that Tesla cars were banned from entering the highway in the large Chinese city of Guangzhou, however this turned out to be another deception, just one in a series of attacks that began a few days ago. Local police, upon request, confirmed that Tesla vehicles were not prohibited from driving on the highway.

Another fictitious story that completely does not correspond to reality has appeared today in the media and social networks. Based on videos in Chinese with misleading captions, the authors of the articles, without conducting an investigation, published information that the Guangzhou authorities banned Tesla vehicles from entering the highway.

However, this information was completely denied by Guangzhou Highway Dept. Upon request, police provided information that on April 23, when the video was filmed, there was traffic control on site that was not targeted at specific brands. Thus, the police stopped all cars, regardless of brand, in order to reduce traffic congestion. The police also announced that similar traffic control will be carried out in the future.

This "news" is yet another example of the stream of endless misinformation targeted directly against Tesla. Late last week, Autopilot was accused of a Tesla Model S crash that happened in Texas, even though the car did not have FSD (Full Self-Driving) purchased, which means it did not have access to this function. Also, earlier this week, a woman whose relative was involved in a Tesla Model 3 accident of their own fault, as confirmed by reports, staged a protest. She climbed onto the roof of a Model 3 at Auto Shanghai 2021 in China and shouted that due to a brake malfunction, her car was in an accident.

All these stories, shown only from a false and negative side, have been actively used in the media for several days, creating psychological pressure aimed at manipulating the opinions of their readers. The media actively pick up negative stories and publish them without conducting an appropriate investigation, which indicates a lack of journalistic ethic.

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