Tesla CEO Elon Musk Visits Giga Texas in Stunning Cybertruck, Recognizes Workers for Good Job

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Visits Giga Texas in Stunning Cybertruck, Recognizes Workers for Good Job
Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited the Giga Texas construction site, making a spectacular appearance in the futuristic Cybertruck, which attracted significant attention from builders. Musk toured the area in his steel beast, and also thanked employees for their good work and quick construction of Tesla's largest and most impressive factory.

Giga Texas will be the next development step for the company. Besides producing the popular Model Y and Model 3, it will be home to the highly anticipated Tesla Semi and the iconic Cybertruck. The importance of this facility is very high, and it seems that the state of Texas and Austin city, near which the factory is being built, are doing everything possible to help make the plans of the genius Musk a reality.

With the help of the government and the tireless work of the builders, the construction of the giant factory has already made tremendous progress. According to rumors, car production teams may start work in Giga Texas as early as June. This quick work earned praise from Musk, who visited the factory yesterday. According to eyewitnesses, he drove through the territory of Giga Texas in the stunning Cybertruck, and then made a speech, where he thanked those involved for their work. Later, via Twitter, Musk himself confirmed that he had visited the factory.

Some lucky ones managed to get a good look at Cybertruck and even look inside. Outwardly, no differences were noticed with the one that was presented in November 2019, although it's hard to say for sure. However, the interior had some differences. Initially and now, on Tesla's website, Cybertruck has a "marble"-styled dashboard, but in the prototype shown in the Jay Leno's Garage in May 2020, and in the pickup truck in which Musk visited Giga Texas, the dashboard is plain white and has no patterns. Musk said that Cybertruck's design would be finalized, but at the moment, no one from the general public has seen the final version yet.

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