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Tesla China Model Y Program to be Announced at Model 3 Delivery Event in Gigafactory 3

by Claribelle Deveza January 06, 2020


Images taken at the location of the Made-in-China Model 3 delivery event reveal that Tesla will be announcing something surprising and significant update related to the upcoming MIC Model Y crossover. Based on pictures taken at the upcoming event's delivery hall, it appears that Tesla will be announcing the start of the Model Y program in China. 

During the preparations for Gigafactory 3's MIC Model 3 delivery event, a backdrop for what seems to be a stage featured the words "Model Y Program Opening Ceremony." The program could mean that the Shanghai branch will start filing permits and working on Model Y prototypes in 2020, while tooling Gigafactory 3 for the all-electric crossover's production. 

The MIC Model 3 has already received purchase tax exemptions and incentives from the Chinese government, which Tesla China may want for the MIC Model Y. Considering the speed displayed by Tesla China so far, it would not be surprising if Model Y production actually starts in Gigafactory 3 before the end of 2020.  

It has long been known that Tesla's Shanghai factory would eventually make the Model Y. However, Tesla China executives have kept mum about Tesla's all-electric crossover. 


Credit: Wuwa Vision/YouTube


Some believe they have already spotted Model Ys parked in Gigafactory 3 on Wuwa Vision and Jason Yang's drone videos of Tesla's Shanghai HQ. A couple of cars in GF3 did look slightly bigger than a MIC Model 3. The Model Y and Model 3 shared 75 percent of its parts. As such, production of Tesla's more affordable sedan and the company crossover is expected to go a lot smoother.

Tesla had to work out the kinks with Model 3 production when it started manufacturing its more affordable sedan in Fremont. It resulted in the GA4 tent, inside which Tesla was able to figure out the best way to assemble the Model 3. Coincidentally, the EV automaker seems to have kept GA4's design when constructing Gigafactory 3 and it seems the same will be true for Gigafactory 4.

With Model Y production, Tesla won't have to start from scratch like the Model 3. So the all-electric car maker will have to focus on supplying all the parts for the MIC Model Y. This should allow Tesla to ramp the vehicle in a manner that is even more representative of the country's support for the electric car maker. 







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