Tesla Achieves a Commanding 35.4% of Q2 2020 US Auto Exports

Tesla Achieves a Commanding 35.4% of Q2 2020 US Auto Exports

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Tesla continues to evolve, stunning us with its incredible achievements. In Q2 2020, the company captured an astonishing 35.4% of all vehicle exports of the United States, according to ZapEVs.

Q2 2020 was a tough time for all car manufacturers. The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath have greatly impacted both the ability of companies to produce cars and the demand for them. Despite this, Tesla coped with all the difficulties and achieved truly impressive results.

Tesla sold 90,891 vehicles in Q2 2020. According to the data, approximately 29,684 vehicles were built in China for the Chinese market, and approximately 36,800 vehicles were built in US for the US market. An additional 24,407 US-made vehicles were exported worldwide.

During the same period, the entire US auto industry exported 68,900 vehicles, which means that Teslas account for 35.4% of all US auto exports.

ZapEVs also notes that the decline of the auto industry in US is not due to a lack of money or smart people. Referring to Mark Andreessen, they write that this is a lack of desire in the industry, and perhaps a weakening of compelling automotive offerings. Except for Tesla.

Elon Musk and the Tesla team have no shortage of desire. Quite the opposite, an unrelenting passion drives the company to new heights. In less than 20 years, and against all odds, Tesla has proven that the auto industry can flourish and benefit the world. And that an American company can build the world's best cars--electric at that--and at scale.


With a commanding 35.4% share of US auto exports in the Q2, Tesla markedly surpassed auto exports of any US automaker. After Roadster production starts in Fremont and Giga Texas begins colossal deliveries of the cars it produces, Tesla will earn an even larger share of exports. At the same time, Tesla does not count on government policy and special advantages, but simply introduces innovations and compelling products faster than competitors.


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